Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sorry I've been such a slacker blogger lately. Procrastination happens here when everything else is going crazy. Here are the things I've been working on lately:

1. Completely redoing my personal identity. OmNomMonster is soon to be a side project more specifically geared to my monsters and I'll have a new site dedicated to my portfolio and current artwork that isn't monster related. To start that I've come up with a new logo. What do you think? The new site will just be my name (Lindsey Billingsley) so I needed a new and appropriate logo. All the other branding is soon to come as well. My mom, way back when, named me Lindsey because she liked to draw cursive L's and the line-work is similar to the penmanship seen in a lot of my pieces.

2. I had an interview last week at Winchester Gardens for an In-House Design internship. Full time and paid. I got a call back today saying they'd like to give me a second interview! Unfortunately when I tried to call back after work (several hours after they called me) their Humans Resources person had already left so I have to call again tomorrow to try to schedule another interview.

3. Tomorrow I also need to call Highlights and inquire about an internship position that I had applied to. Now THAT would be my dream internship.

4. Going to Chicago this weekend to visit a friend who is attending Adler School of Professional Psychology for grad school. Trying to get that planned out has been a little more stressful than originally planned. Thank goodness for gps systems and friends who know where I can park!

5. I've also been commissioned yet another set of poem illustrations. Here's a few from the last batch that I'd like to share.

Happy Bees

Pigs and Chickens

I Dig Big 

6. I've been doing a lot of work for the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts this week as well. Creative Best is coming up and there's still lots to do!

Lots more on the To-Do list for this week! Gotta finish the next set of poem illustrations, towers painting, rebranding stuff, portrait commission and CB stuff!

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  1. Lindz I am sitting here in Tokyo browsing through your stuff. You make me so proud! Your work continues to impress me and I wish you nothing but success. After all, you have to let all that out of your head or you may be seeing your shrink friend or for that matter my daughter, for your quick brain fix. By the way, I love the painting of Charlie Chaplin. This piece could seriously find its way into a gallery. KEEP IT UP!