Saturday, April 10, 2010

socks and monsters

well our show was a great success. lots of people came to the opening reception and we had the tastiest cupcakes and cookies.

before we set up our show my partner thought she would dance around a bit.

it only took us 5 short hours to set everything up.

i am completely in love with a little icon we came up with for the show.

we found the coolest colored flowers at flowerama. and they're still going strong! since the show was only a week, we've had to take everything down already (sad times), but i still have half the flowers sitting on my window still looking as pretty as ever.

i wish i had taken some pictures during the reception of people walking around but i was so busy the whole time! maybe i'll have my mom send me some that she took so i can share them with you.

it's a busy week ahead for me. working 30 hours plus classes. honors thesis is due in less than 2 weeks and i still have 2 paintings to complete! plus all the writing. but once it's done (and i get some work done for my classes) everything will be downhill till graduation. *crossing my fingers that i even make it that far*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy easter!

hope everyone has a happy easter! stoked for the Socks and Monsters reception on MONDAY!