Friday, July 24, 2009


i got to help my uncle jim with a photoshoot this past week. he is doing a series based on pin up girls from the 1950s. gill elvgren is jim's favorite pin up artist and it's easy to see why. e the cool thing about the shoot was that we got to use howard christy's studio. he was really famous for his "christy girls" and the "signing of the declaration of independence" and he also has a huge mural in the cafe des artistes in nyc. his studio is in duncan falls (just down the road from my grandparents) and it was recently renovated. we were the first people to use it in over 60 years.

Monday, July 20, 2009

cities galore

so i've decided my new goal is to visit all the cities that i potentially want to live in. i figure it might be a good idea to have a feel for the place that i'd like to be at for at least a few years. after graduation i'm gone. i love ohio but i want to try something new. i'm scared shitless to do it but i'm going to no matter what. i've already visited new york and it's been checked off the list. it's a great city but just too new york for me. i need a more laid back kind of town. i'm hoping to go to boston over columbus day weekend. then visiting my uncle in seattle over my winter break. the others on the list include pittsburgh, san francisco, san diego, and chicago.
alright. it's decided. i'm finally going to start using this thing. i've had it for awhile now and it's just been sitting on my bookmarks bar taunting and waiting for me to start updating. so here we go!