Sunday, October 17, 2010

lists lists lists

So this week I've added quite a few of my things to my perpetual to-do list. I have the next two days off from my pay-the-bills job so while I was there today I wrote out everything I wanted to get done. And here we are!

1. run 4 miles (2 Monday, 2 Tuesday...3 on Wednesday)
2. complete Creative Best book - I'm inserting and working on the layout of the CB book. Columbus Society of Communicating Arts (which I volunteer for) has a huge contest every year called Creative Best. Everyone who attends the event to find out who the winners are gets a book with all the winning pieces and a bit about the judges and volunteers. This is going to take awhile to do since it's a 120 page book - mostly full of pictures!

3. prepare/start Towers Hall painting - I need to tape off parts and just get started!

4. paint elephant painting - a new commissioned piece!
5. eat sushi - CHECK! mmm

6. clean up sushi mess - almost check
7. complete a set of Christmas monster cards
8. complete 2 more spreads of dino book - this is going to be tough one
9. blog - CHECK!
10. clean bathroom - yeah, this is a little overdo at my place, gross!
11. get gas - gotta get some or I'm not going to make it to the park to run
12. play with Squarespace - I'm using this to recreate my website
13. clean out leftovers from fridge - CHECK
14. order postcards - I wanna be able to send these out in the next couple of weeks and hopefully get some professional commissioned pieces for magazines, etc. Anyone have a good suggestion for who to order from?
15. wake up and be moving by 9am! - I'm going to have to in order to get all this done in time!

Now back to work!

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