Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Real World

First, I must apologize for my lack of blogging this past month. Not to make excuses or anything (although I clearly am going to anyways) but graduating and moving and working almost full time and playing frisbee twice a week is a wee bit overwhelming.

I've officially graduated from Otterbein College (as part of the last class to graduate from Otterbein College, starting this summer future graduates will graduate from Otterbein University). I now have a Bachelor of Arts with concentrations in Painting, Illustration, and Visual Communications (graphic design), along with a minor in Arts Administration. It was a fun and informative 4 years of my life that I will never forget. It's sad how sad I am to leave it, but Otterbein was a huge part of my life. I lived on campus for all 4 years and was really involved.

I moved to Clintonville (a small part of Columbus, Ohio) the day after graduation. That in itself was a headache. So much stuff. I cleaned out my room at my parents house as well as my campus apartment. I have 2 great roomies who are getting married in August. The best part is that I have a studio to work in. It's small but at least I have some room to paint. I got my printer in my bedroom (it's beautiful!), all the rest of my art things are in the studio.

I'm still working at Lowes to pay the bills for now, but I still have a few commissions that I'm working on. Including an artists trade with a good friend of mine Alisha Skeel. She's going to photograph me so I can have a nice shot to put on my website.

CUDA (columbus ultimate disc association) began during my last week of classes. Both of my teams are doing great and having fun!

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