Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Art Sale

Last Friday, Starving Artists had their annual Spring Art Sale. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I decided to try to sell a few paintings.

Here are most of the final paintings. I sold all the fish, the elephant, giraffe, owl, red panda and tree frog. So if you're interested in the others let me know! I sold them for $25 each.

Also since there was such amazing work there I bought this pendant from Molly Parker Smith. I added the connector piece and the hemp.

I actually traded my giraffe painting for this fantastic vase from Adena Griffith. I get something from her every year. Her mugs are the best, I love making chai in them.

And lastly, I splurged a little and bought this little painting from Steven Walker.

Finally, I'll leave you with a few pics from the sale.


  1. And I just saw this post, lol. I feel like my mom would be interested in a couple of these... I'll show her and let you know!

  2. Thanks! I can make whatever. I've sold a few more of these since I posted it. I have the polar bear, penguins, and panda bear left from this set.