Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sold and Selling!

Well, I sold my first real painting this weekend. I was a little sad to see the "Duomo" go since it was one of my personal favorites. But I do know it's going to a good home. The buyer is also buying my "Colosseum". I'm also painting her one of Pisa, which she is going to pay extra for since it will be a commissioned piece.

Here are some picks of my latest series. I'm working on these to sell at Starving Artists' Annual Spring Art Sale. Sorry for the bad quality, I promise I'll get some good picks up when they're all done. These are so much fun to make. I start by finding images of popular animals, a lot of these I know are favorites of my friends...maybe they'll buy them at the sale. But after I find the images I paint the background color, the fore-color loosely about where the animal is and it's shape. After that's all dry I draw on top of it with my favorite Pilot Precise Grip pens. I don't trace anything, just look at an image. I like that I can carry these around to work on once the paint portion is finished. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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  1. Hey Lindsey, these are really cool! Didn't make it to the Art Sale... still have any left to sell?