Friday, February 12, 2010

congrats to me!

So I went to the Juried Art Exhibition Reception today (I had four pieces in it!) AND I got an AWARD. It's the Marguerite Wetherill Eschbach Art Award. So I got a little bit of money and a good resume builder. I was sooooooo unbelievably excited about it. Plus my boyfriend and my mom were able to be there with me. The piece that got the award is the one pictured below. I still think it's funny that i didn't enter the original piece. I entered a print of it because the frame and matte I already had was too small. All the other awards went to friends of mine as well. So congrats to everyone!

I also ordered my business cards and bought my hosting site. So much money but well worth it. I should have my business cards in a week or so and I should have my website up and running by spring break. The front side is going to be UV spotted just where the monster is (so the monster will be shiny and everything else will be a matte finish). I'm so excited to have them and finally have something to hand people. Since I bought the hosting site ( my email is usable now (but have to figure out how to access it yet. haha)
And last but not least I have decided to tag along with my friend Katey for a weekend in Chicago. She has two grad school interviews during so I get to go visit galleries and such while she's at those. Any SUGGESTIONS are completely welcome. I've never been there and really I know I want to see is the Bean. Plus I should have my business cards by then so I'll be able to hand them out!

And lastly in my travel plan news...SEATTLE! It's really happening. My boyfriend and I have bought our plane tickets and have plans to stay with my uncle while we're there. I can't even state how stoked I am to go. I've been trying to figure out what galleries I want to visit and what I want to see while I'm there. Hopefully my uncle (and anyone else *cough*anyone*cough*) can give me some good advice!

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  1. the west loop in Chicago has some great galleries if you head to Kavi Gupta gallery there's a bunch more around there.
    The Art institute has a beautiful new wing, check out the SAIC Sullivan Galleries on the 7th floor.
    Have fun, Chicago is a wonderful city.