Tuesday, December 8, 2009

winter break

wow so i really got off the ball with updating this.

well, the quarter ended well. i got a 4.0 overall and finished my internship with the girl scouts. actually, that's a lie, i think my last day with the girl scouts is probably going to be today. i'll be sure to post pictures of the paintings i did over the quarter up here as well as maybe some of the stuff i did while at my internship.

it's been pretty lonely here at school since thanksgiving. most of my friends here are in europe for their senior year experience classes (i didn't have to take one because i'm in honors). plus, most of my friends from home aren't finished yet, i know a lot of them have finals this week.

the not really having a job thing is killing me. my money is slowing going down the drain without any funds coming in to replace. i'm thinking about opening up an etsy account and selling monster/doodle paintings from there. thoughts? advice?

wish me luck on finding a job, i applied at lowes at that's still looking hopeful but they need to call me back. (i've already called once and i'm not sure if i should call again!)

good news is that all my christmas shopping is done so i don't have to worry about that anymore. i just need the stuff i ordered online to come in and to wrap everything. i've been spending most of my break so far cleaning (my room was beyond needing a real cleaning), and getting random stuff done. i did manage to sneak into the art dept. yesterday to stretch some canvas and bought some primer. i think i'm going to a serious of 3 monsters but i'm still a little undecided. i might use one for a landscape i've been thinking of insted. i also need to finish (/start!) my sketches for my honors project. plus create new business cards and postcards. geez i have so much i want to get done over break. good thing i'm off till right after new years!

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