Tuesday, December 29, 2009

paint paint paint.

"tree 5", acrylic.

this was one of the last paintings i did during fall quarter and easily the most time consuming. each leaf is individually cut out, painted, and glued on.

"om-nom-mon-ster", acrylic.

easily the fastest painting i did last quarter, was also the last. i had a lot of fun with this.

"fireworks", mixed media.

okay, i lied. this painting took the longest. i started this soon after the forth of july, fiddled with it over the summer and kept working with it all through the quarter. it's definitely different from most of the other work.

this is my homemade studio for break. yep, that's my kitchen table. this break has been kind of dull. i'm still on the hunt for a job. so in the mean time i've done some painting and whatnot. i did do an awesome teenage mutant ninja turtle painting for a friend for christmas but i gave it to her before getting a picture of it.

here is a close up of a painting i've been working on during break. it still has a lot of work left before i'm satisfied with it, that's why you don't get to see the whole thing.

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