Wednesday, November 4, 2009

end of the quarter is almost here.

2 weeks plus finals is all thats left of this quarter. i turned in my graduation forms today, making it all too real. on the good side, i had a major break through the other day with finally coming to terms with truly wanting to be an illustrator instead of a designer. apparently some of my friends figured that out way earlier, but decided to let me discover it for myself.

other news: i might have gotten the cover for the bj kocen cd. just a few minor changes to be made. i believe this would be my first published piece!

also i might be quitting my job at the coffee shop and going back to my old one (retail). my hours keep getting cut and promises getting broken. i might not like the actual work as much but at least it will be reliable, plus it'd be a slight raise since i had taken a pay cut to work at the coffee shop (i worked for less than min. wage because of "tips" but tips are a joke there)

the fish and umbrella painting has evolved yet again. i don't know if i'll ever be 100% satisfied with this one. if i could go back easily i'd probably tweak the composition quite a bit. actually i think i would make the canvas much more narrow, taking out the face entirely and cropping out quite a bit of the big fish.

for this one i was assigned to do a still life based on the style of either van gogh or cezanne. i was shocked when i realized half my class didn't even know who cezanne was! i chose van gogh just for the fun of it. while i have a lot of respect for cezanne and van gogh has become a bit cliche, i always thought it'd be fun to do a piece in his style. in true impressionist this painting only took me a couple hours if that. i worked in a very classical sense in that i worked from background to foreground.

this is a magazine cover illustration for AASCU. mine is in the top two for being chosen, somehow i just need to make it relate more to the main article. i have a few ideas in mind, so i'll be sure to post updates as i make them.

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  1. What wonderful news! I'll be graduating in December and hope to be a full-time illustrator. It's nice to meet a fellow artist.