Thursday, October 8, 2009


this was my first painting for class. i decided not to do the assignment (i get to skip 2 projects to do my own pieces). this was done from a sketch i had done last winter while doing a piece call mouse adventures for computer art. ( it was just something fun to do. captein is a much tougher professor than joanne ever was. so much more structure which is helpful in the long run but very frustrating at times. i changed the background probably half a dozen times before being satisfied.

these are pictures from my second painting. the assignment was to use 6-10 recognizable objects in an unrealistic background. i kind of twisted the definition of 6-10 objects since i believe they were all supposed to be different objects. creative license right? i focused a lot on texture, although i'm not sure how well that comes through with the pictures. click on them for a full few, the texture is much more noticeable then.

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  1. Love this!! Beautiful style and colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!