Monday, August 24, 2009

to do list

so it's crunch time! school hasn't even gotten back in session and i'm going crazy with all the things i need to do.

  • get portfolio pages on LinkedIn
  • complete my LinkedIn profile
  • contact Kristen H. about internship opportunities
  • send Brian St. my portfolio, my bio, what i do, what i'm looking for...
  • complete the johnny cash inspired piece for Blake
  • print/fill out/turn in first friday festival form for starving artists
  • contact hannah and allison about getting the starving artists materials/tub/paperwork
  • finish my fireworks painting
  • do more mucha studies for my honors project and actually read some related material
  • get my work schedule
  • by a dress for alisha's wedding
  • meet with ashley to complete alisha's wedding favors (they're going to be so cute!)
  • remember to breathe...maybe watch some gilmore girls

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